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Rise of Hands-On Facial - www.skin-rg.com
In recent years, there has been a shift in the skincare industry towards high-octane, machine-driven facials. However, a discerning breed of consumers, including many famous faces, still opt for expert manual facials that deliver sustainable long-term benefits to the skin while providing immediate aesthetic results. These traditional facials are experiencing a renaissance, focusing on hands-on and massage-heavy techniques, which have been a cornerstone of Skin-rg Facials for over a decade.

Skin-rg's Facial massage is at the heart of this trend and has seen a surge, with an increase of customers searching for machine-free options. This signals a return to protocols anchored in education and the science of anatomy. Deborah Scott, co-founder of the, believes that understanding the rise of the low-fi trend is crucial for understanding the consumer habits of tomorrow.

The global pandemic has played a role in this back-to-basics approach to skincare. The term "skin hunger" has gained prominence as researchers and mental health professionals explore touch deprivation's psychological and physiological effects. Indeed, Skin-rg's exploration into how skincare benefits mental health has paved the way for further exploration into skincare - touch - and mental health. Many consumers are now seeking more straightforward routines due to the influx of new brands and a wave of skincare tech flooding the market. Searches for "hands only facial massages" have increased 81 times in the US and 64 times in the UK alone over the last two years, with worldwide interest in a "simple skincare routine" peaking at the end of 2023.

Expert facial therapists, each hand trained by co-founder Deborah Scott and expert facialist, accredited Beauty Teacher can intuitively tune into a client's skin and energetic needs, which machines cannot replicate. We live in times of socioeconomic turbulence, which can often align with returning to time-honoured practices. Furthermore, overzealous resurfacing products have caused damage to our skin barriers, leading us to seek advice from experienced professionals such as Skin-rg, who have recently scooped 12 winning awards at The Beauty Shortlist this week, one of which was best C3 Ceramide Moisturiser. Which replenishes lost lipids and repairs barrier function.

Skin-rg's Superior facialists are experts in skin analysis, skin condition management and education, ingredient and product use, and treatment techniques. Their professional techniques known as the Ultra Lift "Eternal Facial" incorporate lymphatic drainage massage, deep fascia release, and lift massage, which can sculpt facial contours and grant a glow while reducing stress and tension. Expert facialists also offer bespoke treatments that meet clients' needs, promoting holistic wellness beyond surface-level beauty. They may incorporate additional other wellness disciplines.

To find out more about Skin-rg facials or our expert facialists, discover more at Skin-rg.com.

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