7 Skincare Tips For Winter And Spring

7 Skincare Tips For Winter And Spring - www.skin-rg.com

7 skincare tips for the winter season from SKIN-RG

Winter season can be unkind to the skin. With the change in weather conditions, less fresh-air and wearing more make up … our skin can lose its radiant glow we often maintain the summer. 

Discover in today's blog post our top tips, tricks and products to combat dry, dehydrated skin in need of a glow.

Keep your lips soft and chap free

Cold weather inevitably invites cracked lips that are in serious need of moisture. The best ingredients to look for are those rich in oils and butter: it will create a barrier on the lips that prevents moisture loss and keeps lips soft and smooth. 

Top product: Wonderbalm - designed for those moments when you need some extra TLC.

Exfoliate regularly for that natural skin glow 

A bright, glowing complexion is the perfect base for make up. And it’s super easy to achieve, you just need to be disciplined with it and get into the routine of exfoliating a few times a week. 

Top product: Super Rich Exfoliant Treatment - award winning and a treatment that even the most sensitive skin can benefit from.

Say goodbye to seasonal blemishes and spots

Pimples have a tendency to spring up before a Christmas party - we guess they just want to join in on the fun too. But we can easily banish them with our retinol alternative. Retinol is the mainstay acne-fighting topical as it removes the top layer of the skin that can clog the pores.

However, our retinol alternative is nowhere near as harsh as retinol can be, but is equally as effective!

Top product: The Matrix, Natural Alternative To Retinol - Best Bakuchiol Serum, guaranteed to leave the skin looking healthy and flawless.

Perk up tired eyes 

Drinking, dancing, eating, partying all night with loved ones is so much fun. But unfortunately, there is often a price to pay with tired eyes which equals to dark circles. When you wake up the next morning, revitalise the eye area with a nourishing eye cream. 

Top product: Eye Elixir Serum - A supercharged overnight eye serum with clinical actives including Stem Cells, Liposomes, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Tourmaline Crystal Powder and our exclusive "Mineral Fusion"

Wash it all off before you go to bed

After partying into the hours of the early morning, or even after a long day - who can be bothered to remove their makeup? Well, we don’t want to sound like a Grinch, but you should be taking off all make up. If not, it leaves your skin dull, and may even cause pimples.

Do your skin a favour and remove your make up with an organic make up remover that is kind to the skin. Afterall, it is the fastest (and gentlest) way to do it!

Top product: Flash Balm Organic Eye + Makeup Remover - Our multi award-winning Flash Balm is SLS, Soap and detergent + irritation-free that will remove make up gently.

Proper cleansing is the basis of a successful regimen, especially during the winter months

Cleansing is especially important during winter months when cold weather causes our skin to become excessively dry or flaky, even if it can produce more oil than usual. Thus, regular cleansing of your face and body is the first step of any skin care regimen.

The key to any healthy skin care routine in the wintertime is gentle cleansing.

Top product: Diamond Blue Cleanser Gel - Suspended in Hyaluronic Acid gel, Diamond Blue Jelly Cleanser has the power to remove pollutants, correct, balance, and protect. Featuring the SKIN-RG Diamond Blue Plankton that captures toxins to be released from the skin surface.


Cold, harsh weather + alcohol = seriously dry and dehydrated skin.

Drink at least two pints of water a day too. It will help balance out the alcohol and keep your skin well-hydrated.

P.s, it will keep your skin naturally glowing!

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