Winter To Spring Skincare

Winter To Spring Skincare -

As the seasons change, so does our skincare. It’s essential to switch up your skincare routine to address your changing skincare needs.

You might be thinking, why do I need to change my skincare routine? After all, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it… right? Think about it this way: Why do you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring? It’s to represent change, and welcome in warmer weather.

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Opt for a lighter moisturiser

The harsh cold weather during the winter usually strips our skin of its natural moisture, which is when our skin needs a thicker, creamier moisturiser. 

When the temperatures begin to rise, your skin won’t need all that additional moisture. This is because warmer temperatures allow your skin to produce more of its natural oils. 

Our go-to moisturiser would be the Cellular Repair Moisturiser. Lifting, firming and defusing reactive skin occurrences. Skin feels nourished. Comforted, moisturised and protected. 

For normal + combination skin, check out the product here.

For dry and sensitive skin, check out the product here.

Ensure you are using SPF 

During the winter months, you are likely to be more indoors - so you can get away with not using skin care products with SPF more easily. However, as the temperatures rise you will get exposed to harsh UV rays.

Remember, sun exposure is one of the leading causes of premature skin ageing. To prevent this, you need to dedicate a product for sun protection. 

This product is the future of SPF, applied with a stick, the Pure Shield SPF 30 Adaptive Skin Tint is a must have product this season. This natural on-the-go mineral sun stick uses modern technology to give you a light sun-kissed glow and firmer appearance. With oil-absorbing particles to give you a smooth complexion. 

Exfoliating reveals a healthy glow 

You are probably bored of us talking about exfoliating in every blog post, but it is because this one product reaps so many benefits. Exfoliation removes dead skin and reveals a healthy complexion lurking below. Particularly after a dry winter, exfoliation is a must. 

Our daily Super Rich Exfoliant Treatment nurtures the skin, reviving easily stressed skin to reveal smoother, corrected and calmer skin complexion.

Water-based Serums 

Serums make a great addition to your skin care routine during any season. They penetrate deeply into the skin, packing a nutrient with just a few drops. You don’t have to give up serums come spring or summertime, but you should consider opting for a more lightweight formula. Swap out oil based serums in the winter for a water-based one instead in the summer.

Winner of the best gel toner, this 3-in-1 product offers a toner, essence, and serum providing essential hydration when it’s needed most. Just a tiny pea sized amount will glide over your skin and it will help to retain more water, in turn making your skin look more youthful. Purchase the Hydra Veil 3 in1 Toner + Essence + Serum today.

Choose a mild, light cleanser 

This spring, replace your thick, hydrating cleanser with a lightweight gel or a foaming facial cleanser. Cleansers unclog the pores and remove dirt and excess oils which are particularly apparent when the weather gets warmer.

Our Diamond Blue Cleanser Gel is a multi beneficial product removing pollutants, correcting, balancing and protecting your skin. Use daily for an instant boost.

Spring welcomes in pollen, it’s time to treat those eyes

For many, spring welcomes in the all too familiar occurrence of pollen. If you have allergies, you might find that your eyes get dry, red and watery more often. Opting for an eye cream that is full of natural ingredients will likely soothe the effects of allergies. 

Opt for our Eye Elixir Serum, which is full of clinical actives and made up of 94% organic and natural ingredients.

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