Every Day Is Earth Day

Every Day Is Earth Day - www.skin-rg.com

EVERY DAY is earth day around here...

Between 2022 and 2023, SKIN-RG Planted 1250 trees, supported projects in Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Madagascar and Kenya, AND we have supported the prevention of 5 TCO2e from being emitted through 2 verified carbon avoidance projects; that's the equivalent of 12,405 miles driven in a car!

Every day we take action. Did you know:

♻️Our botanical material waste is put back into our land through our green compost system.

♻️We harvest our grey manufacturing water to use on our land.

♻️ We use green laboratory processes without using harmful toxins to clean up after production so we know what goes down the drain is safe.

♻️We use recyclable components including compostable noodles in our delivery parcels.

♻️All our card and paper is sustainably sourced.

♻️ We work hard with our suppliers to promote alternative solutions including compostable tamper dots.

♻️We use glass packaging where possible and use biodegradable seals in our airless packaging so no silicon enters the planet's delicate biosystem. All our airless packaging is approved under The Soil Association and is recyclable.

♻️Every element of what we make, how we make our products and how it is delivered to you is a carefully though through process. 





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