Get Your Glow On

Get Your Glow On -

Winner Best Eye Serum 2023.

So how do you get radiant skin?  Targeted specific clinical actives will get you there a whole lot quicker than traditional plant oils with Vitamin C in such as Rosehip. 

There are many different forms of Vitamin C, but "Ascorbyl Tetrahexyldecyl" affectionately known as Tetra C in the industry will get you there faster. 

Tetra c is a high-grade pharmaceutical Vitamin C similar to Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate but Tetra c has four long arms which allow it to travel through the skin quickly and be absorbed more deeply than, say Tetraisopalmitate which has more wiggly bent arms which the skin can find more difficult to absorb.

But we didn't just stop at Tetra C; we added some very special extras that have clinical efficacy to lift out fine lines, reduce the look of wrinkles and boost radiance fast. Enter the Phoenix Date Palm. 

Named Phoenix after the clinically active plant-powered Date Palm, which has shown incredible line and wrinkle depth reduction.

With 15% optimum potency, pure “Tetra C (Stable Vitamin C) combined with Phoenix Date Palm, a patented anti-wrinkle and line reduction complex.

Amaranth Seed Extract is a protein-rich solution that absorbs quickly for incredible age-defying results in just one bottle for a brighter, firmer, smoother, more uniform complexion.

Amino Acid Glycine is a key collagen-boosting amino acid.

Orange Blossom Extract gives the benefit of lightweight flower power with a beautiful aroma.

So what were the internal testing results:

8% said that the appearance of their wrinkles and lines were less prominent

95% said that their pigmentation was reduced

99% said their complexion looked brighter and more evenly toned.

The below image is the “before” (1st image) and “after” (2nd image). The results show a significant difference in wrinkle depth and skin fibre after 5 weeks of twice-daily application.

*Individual results may vary depending on skin type, sensitivity, age, skincare product combinations, skincare history, and how the products are applied. 

Its super easy to use and great for all skin types

  • Cleanse skin, apply 1-2 drops onto the Cryo Roller, and work around each outer eye area. You can place the serum over the entire face if you wish. Once fully absorbed, you can then follow with your preferred SKIN-RG moisturiser.

  • All skin types.

  • Use twice daily for noticeable results.

  • Apply after the Zen Glycolic Peel for a deeper, more rejuvenating experience.

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