Glycolic Peel For Sensitive Skin

Glycolic Peel For Sensitive Skin -

Is that possible you ask a glycolic peel that doesn't sting, feels like its burning and actually smells nice! Absolutely. 

Enter the NEW innovation Zen Glycolic Peel designed for sensitive skins but oh my gives incredible results.

Designed with sensitivity in mind. With our NEW innovation, you can tackle aged skin, lines, scarring, textured, lumpy, spotty skin or dullness.

 Experience the clinically active:

Hyaluronic Acid complex is delivered deep into the skin to plump and reduce fine lines.

While the Glycolic Action refines and removes dulling surface cells teamed with the SKIN-RG Zen Clinical Active that visibly reduces ageing stress skin conditions.

And with Amino Acids’ + vital B and C vitamins, the skin looks bright and energised.

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